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A little tip  before calling:

If you know where your backflow preventers are located on your property, maybe do a quick visual and look for any signs of leaking or damage. A leaking assembly, in most cases, is a failing assembly.

Also, backflow assemblies are prone to theft. Make sure the assembly hasn't been stolen.

*Discounts available on multiple tests*

We are licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are AWWA Certified and can test all assemblies requiring testing per CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE

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Cover Your Brass!!!

Backflow theft in Southern California is a big problem. Copper and brass prices are at their highest, and water valves, such as Backflow Preventers, present themselves as easy targets.

Your average 2” Water Backflow weighs in between 35 and 50 lbs, and can be scrapped at your local recycling yard for around $2.00/Lb. These assemblies are not difficult to steal. Anyone with a sawzall and about 15 seconds of time, can snatch your backflow and leave you with a hefty bill in both assembly replacement and water loss. 

Don't be the one to get caught off guard... protect your brASS!

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