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What Causes Backflow Issues In The Home?

Backflow issues can be caused by several reasons, which is why we recommend your backflow system be fully tested and up to date. The consequences of backflow in the home can be lethal if left unaddressed. In today’s post, we’re going to show how certain backflow issues can take effect.


The main water supply into the home is mobilized by pressure, but if it’s overpowered by the pressure of a foreign source, you can have backflow issues in the home. So, if the pressure from the wastewater side overpowers the pressure of the main water supply, you have a problem.


Siphoning happens when the pressure of the water supply drops dramatically. This drop in pressure creates a vacuum in which wastewater can get sucked back into the pipes.

Valve Issues

If the backflow preventer breaks, you’re vulnerable to these irrigation issues— potentially leading the poisoning of your water supply, or even an explosion caused by the imbalance of pressure.

The installation, testing, and repair of a backflow should never be taken lightly. There are many companies who offer these services, but many lack the attention to detail that ensures your backflow valve will work properly in the long term. Atlas Backflow is composed of qualified technicians who are highly skilled with backflow technology. Don’t leave your backflow system to chance. Hire Atlas Backflow today optimize your backflow valve.

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