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Our Calibration lab has the capabilities to perform repairs, testing, calibration and certification of many different types of instruments, gauges, meters and valves.


  • Pressure Chart Recorders & Temperature Chart Recorders

  • Analog Pressure Gauges & Analog Thermometers

  • Digital Pressure Gauges & Digital Thermometers

  • Digital Data logging Pressure Gauges

  • Digital Datalogging Thermometers

  • Flow Meters

  • Dead Weight Gauges & Dead Weight Testers

  • Hot Taps

  • Pressure Relief Valves


The calibration lab has a variety of Test Standards. These Test Standards meet or exceed all manufacturers published specifications. They are calibrated using standards from an outside calibration lab whose accuracies are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Documents are on file and may be reviewed by Authorized Personnel.


Contact: or 562-343-1436

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