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Disinfecting Water Main, Waterline Disinfection in Long Beach, CA and Signal Hill, CA


New plumbing in residential and commercial buildings, pipelines and distribution systems should be sanitized to kill bacteria. Disinfecting potable water piping is important when new water plumbing is first put on line, or if repairs or services have been performed.

Services Available Include:


  • Chlorinating Gas Waterline Disinfection

  • Chlorination/Disinfection of Water Pipelines from 2″-96″+

  • Chlorination/Disinfection of Potable Plumbing Water Systems within Commercial

  • Buildings including Medical Facilities & Hospitals

  • Chlorination/Disinfection of Water Storage Facilities; Reservoirs, Towers, & Tanks

  • Chlorination/Disinfection of Wells

  • De-Chlorination

  • Final Flushing

  • Water Sample Collection & Bacteriological Laboratory Testing & Reports

  • pH Controlling of Discharged Water

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

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