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What Happens If Your Backflow Preventer Isn’t Installed Correctly?

Does your property need a backflow preventer? If so, it’s crucial that the device is properly installed.

The job of the backflow preventer is to prevent contaminated water from reaching the freshwater supply where a cross connection exists. A cross connection is where contaminated water meets a water supply line. The backflow preventer ensures this tainted water is delivered away from the home.

Imagine water from the toilet and washing machine doubling back into your drinking water. It can be a catastrophe for the health and well being of everyone in your property.

This is why your backflow preventer device plays such a crucial role in having clean water. And if you need a backflow preventer installed, it’s important that it’s handled by a certified technician.

There have been horror stories where property owners did not have their backflow preventers properly installed. As you can imagine, filthy water entered their water supply, and the water they drank, cooked with, and showered with became compromised.

Don’t have someone unqualified install and manage your backflow device. Hire a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Atlas Backflow is a Los Angeles backflow installation company that is completely qualified to handle your installation project. You can be confident that your preventer will be properly installed, and that your property will be protected from tainted water. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help.

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